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Corporate Social Responsibility

CI Sport, Inc. believes in placing integrity at the center of all business related decisions. Through this belief and practice, CI Sport has developed into one of the nation’s top collegiate and corporate apparel manufacturers. We acknowledge our staff as the heart of our company, and consider it imperative that all employees are treated with the respect that they deserve. CI Sport has implemented an internal Code of Conduct to display and demonstrate this commitment to the overall welfare of our workforce, but also to our customers, business partners and community.

Since 2001, CI Sport has been affiliated with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) www.fairlabor.org to help ensure equality for worker’s rights, compensation, health and safety. As an accredited participating company with the FLA, we proudly display this information to our contract factories, sourcing partners and distributing suppliers so that they are all aware of CI Sport’s stance on this extremely important issue. Through this notification, and in documenting our Code of Conduct, we can help accomplish accountability by making it essential that our business partners are also adhering to corporate and social responsibilities.

Community outreach programs are significant in building and sustaining a reputable and ethical industry. CI Sport takes great pride in giving back through a variety of different ways: donating to local thrift stores, providing sponsorships and gifts to memorial golf tournaments and charities, and contributing to amazing organizations like the Developmental Work Activity Program are just a few examples of how CI Sport supports their community. Globally, CI Sport helps those in need by sending pallets of clothing to Chimbote, Peru.

CI Sport has put together a dedicated team of individuals to continuously focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. This team includes our General Manager, Director of Sales, License Director, Senior Advisor and is lead by our Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. Primary duties include: working with business partners to ensure agreement, discussing and modifying associated issues, completing safety and compliance audits, including remediation, and staying compliant with our licensing partners.

CI Sport truly cares about their customers, employees, business partners and community. You can feel confident knowing that we will continually uphold moral values in all business practices. CI Sport is dedicated to maintaining the highest of standards and will cease business with those who do not share in these same principals.